Pre-employment and background checks

GlobalSource has conducted hundreds of pre-employment and background checks for business executives, managers, board members, expert witnesses, and persons involved in litigation in many regions, including the Middle East, South America, Russia and Eastern Europe.

In recognition of our quality work our services have been in demand by important clients, including leading law firms, banks, insurance companies and multinational corporations.

Our system is custom-made to meet each client's needs. Oversight procedures ensure that objectives are achieved on time and that our work product always meets the highest standards of excellence. Our staff have backgrounds in law, journalism, investigations, finance, security and linguistics and hold advanced degrees in their respective fields.

Thus, we can draw on the knowledge and experience of real experts who are skilled in carrying out complex investigations. Not only can GlobalSource help with your pre-employment screening, we can guide your company in devising a comprehensive and consistent policy to screen new hires.


Case examples

Pre-employment Screening: GlobalSource devised a pre-employment screening program for international airline and have been conducting high volumes of background checks in many different countries around the world.

Expert Witness Screening: GlobalSource conducted a comprehensive background check on an expert witness on behalf of a litigator in a personal injury lawsuit.

Litigation Support: While supporting a Kyrgyzstan-based defense contractor involved in a Congressional investigation, GlobalSource conducted a thorough background investigation of witnesses giving evidence against our client. Many of these witnesses were thoroughly discredited after we established that they had strong ties to the client's competitors.