A COMPANY'S most valuable assets are often their most vulnerable. With rampant counterfeiting, smuggling, and intellectual property theft worldwide, today's intangible assets are increasingly exposed to a broad range of threats that demand a global perspective and strategy.

GlobalSource is confident and widely experienced in brand protection, counter-illicit trade, and intellectual property investigations. Using the company's own specialized, multi-disciplinary approach, our experts deftly handle difficult international cases that often overwhelm local law enforcement and government agencies.

Our investigators and researchers are multilingual professionals with experience in finance, banking, insurance, law enforcement and journalism. GlobalSource is on call to rapidly assemble and deploy its teams of qualified people to get the information our clients need and on time.


Case examples

Tobacco Road: GlobalSource conducted a complex, multi-year investigation into the illicit tobacco trade in the United States, engaging in research, investigation, and direct liaison with law enforcement to help battle the widespread cigarette smuggling between high and low-tax states and through Native American reservations. GlobalSource’s investigations and evidence directly led to numerous seizures of illicit products by law enforcement and to the closing down by federal officials of the largest illicit cigarette manufacturer in New York state.

Its investigation was cited in news reports after a Washington court case revealed the operation in August 2014. "The lawsuit notes that R.J. Reynolds hired the Virginia-based investigations firm, GlobalSource LLC, to conduct a 'rigorous' inquiry into unlicensed tobacco operations," one report said, adding, "the investigation included on-the-ground and aerial surveillance, visiting retailers, conducting interviews and utilizing confidential sources. GlobalSource investigators counted cars to estimate workforce size, checked shipping manifests for information on equipment, videotaped customers and bought several cartons of cigarettes, among other techniques."

Brand Protection in Libya: While working for one of the world's leading soft-drink manufacturers, GlobalSource conducted a multi-layered investigation into the smuggling of our client’s products into post-revolutionary Libya, in contravention of that company’s prior distribution agreements in the country. GlobalSource conducted extensive research, on-the-ground interviews, and test purchases and sucessfully identified the source of the smuggled goods to help our client stop the costly illicit trade.