TODAY’S complex and advanced business environment has made it increasingly difficult – but increasingly important – to keep an eye on the competition. A vast amount of competitive information is indeed available on the Internet, yet a huge percentage of it is of questionable value. Companies actually lack the unique set of skills and resources necessary to gather properly-sourced competitive intelligence of real strategic value to its marketing and sales teams.

GlobalSource has unmatched international reach, extensive in-house analytical experience, and an innovative, customized approach to business intelligence that help keep its clients ahead of the curve. With its global reach, customized solutions, and experienced staff, GlobalSource brings its clients market insights that are based on straight facts, gathered from key sources close to the research targets, and often supported by original documentation.


Case examples

Tailored Solutions: GlobalSource conducted research into a client’s competitor in the chemical industry and uncovered information pointing to a theft of intellectual property from the client company. GlobalSource crafted a comprehensive litigation support strategy which resulted in the client successfully suing the dishonest competitor and winning a substantial legal victory.
Nailing It: GlobalSource conducted research for a manufacturing client into the industrial market for nails in two Middle Eastern countries, mapping a comprehensive picture of the strength of local competitors, their production output, and their supply-chain organization in both markets. This delivered a usable competitive edge to our client.