IN a global marketplace companies can no longer depend on the media to inform them of developments in far-flung markets. Our clients increasingly require up to the minute intelligence on political developments in distant places and, rather than passively supplying information, we help them to become active in developing their own intelligence on the shifting political landscapes around the world.

Information is valuable, but is challenging to obtain and verify and is often decentralized. As companies move into remote locations, getting such information needs sensitive sources, intimate local knowledge, and professional discretion. This is what GlobalSource does best. Using a global network of contacts in business, government and law enforcement, we help our clients monitor political developments as they happen. We help them build strategies to turn potential risks into opportunities. Using this same global network we help our clients to liaise effectively with governments, putting real teeth into their existing lobbying, public relations, and legal negotiations.


Case examples

Haircutting corners: In the midst of the Cyprus financial crisis, our EMEA headquarters in the capital Nicosia provided up to the minute intelligence to a client on the Troika negotiations preceding the notorious "haircut" imposed on uninsured deposits. Detailed intelligence drawn from top sensitive sources allowed our client to act and protect investments in a way that depending on the media would not have done.

Detecting the oligarchs: By cultivating a network of confidential sources in the government, media, and business sectors of a Central Asian country, we helped our client company  to identify the protected political figures who were behind a massive negative media campaign directed against it, and to formulate a response to protect their reputations.

Smugglers at bay: By working closely with law enforcement contacts, developing our own intelligence, and sharing information, we helped a Fortune 500 company to put pressure on the authorities to crack down on widespread smuggling of its products.