Insurance fraud investigations

INSURANCE fraud is growing in frequency, global scope and sophistication as insurance companies expand their coverage to include more remote regions. Criminals see a huge potential for ever-larger profit in defrauding insurers, making it increasingly necessary for the insurance professionals to hire experts who can deliver solutions in challenging insurance claim investigations around the world.

GlobalSource has offices in Washington, D.C., covering the Americas, north and south, in Nicosia, Cyprus, covering Europe, east and west, and a network of associates in Russia, the former Soviet states, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. From remote regions to war zones, including Iraq and Afghanistan, our elite team of investigative professionals has developed unparalleled insurance experience and always ready to meet new challenges. GlobalSource can help with every step in the claims investigation process, from verification of death certificates, police reports and medical records to establish the circumstances in any alleged death claim. This includes full litigation support with the evidence should a claim end up in court.


Case samples

Colombia: Following their alleged double murder, GlobalSource conducted an investigation in Colombia on a couple who were found to have 24 joint life insurance policies. Dozens of “red flags” were uncovered during our investigations and the insurance company ultimately denied what proved to be a thoroughly fraudulent claim.

Afghanistan: GlobalSource successfully conducted an investigation that spanned Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas and the war-torn Ghazni province of Afghanistan after a suspicious claim was received relating to a subject’s alleged death in a car accident.

Yemen: In Yemen, GlobalSource investigated a claim involving an alleged death in a car accident. Every document presented by the beneficiary to support his claim proved to have been forged, including the police report, the hospital records and even a phony criminal complaint alleged to have been filed against the driver of another vehicle involved in the non-existent accident.