INTERNAL investigations require a sensitive professional touch. Our experience, thoroughness and discretion with internal investigations have made us real experts these cases. Objective and penetrating, we provide an independent eye to help you to investigate suspected internal fraud or theft and we identify potential problem areas in your organization before they harm your business
As regulations multiply and the cost of compliance mounts, it is more necessary than ever before for our clients to have a cost-effective way to spot weaknesses in compliance. GlobalSource’s experience enables us to conduct discreet investigations into sensitive internal matters, and also to draw up procedural strategies to help clients avoid such problems in the future.


Case samples

Blameless: A client received an anonymous letter alleging that kickback payments had been made to an executive. GlobalSource conducted a thorough investigation, drawing on source information, eDiscovery capabilities, and employee interviews and exonerate the executive in question – saving our client from a costly restructuring and a compliance pitfall.

The runner: After a former partner defrauded a Fortune 500 company of millions of dollars and disappeared, GlobalSource was called in to investigate. Our investigation locate the crooked partner’s accomplices in the client's company and successfully traced the individual’s whereabouts, assets, and subsequent activities.

Sovereign style: GlobalSource helped a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund to trace billions of dollars in investment funds after it discovered that a former executive had spent years diverting the assets to family, friends and accomplices around the world.