Investment consultancy

OPPORTUNITIES change quickly in a global marketplace, irrespective of national borders and time zones. Sharp investors seeking to expand their portfolios and take advantage of these opportunities need an advisory service that can not only identify potential investments, but can also assist with crafting a strategy and monitoring the economic and political developments that could affect them.

GlobalSource provides a full-service Investment Consultancy to assist clients in navigating the vast number of investment prospects in various jurisdictions. From Eastern Europe to Asia, GlobalSource helps clients first to understand promising developments in a particular region, then to identify specific investment opportunities. We craft a complete investment strategy and monitor performance throughout the life cycle of the investment.

We ensure that your investment strategy is executed according to your specific goals, while providing integrated intelligence services to keep clients informed with up-to-the-minute news on their investments in crisis situations.


Case examples

Euro Strategy: GlobalSource assisted a client to execute a long-term investment plan in non-performing loans packages in the financially distressed eurozone state of Cyprus.

Real-Time Intelligence: GlobalSource provided round-the-clock monitoring of the Eurozone Troika negotiations in Cyprus in 2011, in the prelude to the shock “haircut” of deposit accounts. We got up-to-the-minute intelligence from the highest government and financial sources to a client investor who was at the time considering substantial investment in the country.

Identifying Assets: GlobalSource provided extensive consulting and liaison to a client investor seeking to acquire assets in the Albanian petroleum industry. Our services included continuous country risk intelligence, consulting, and negotiation services.