LAWYERS and their clients demand first-class intelligence because they often require it to stand up to scrutiny in a court of law. A professional litigation support service must be able to separate fact from rumor, history from hearsay and facts from fantasy. The service must also help them to use these facts in the most effective way.

GlobalSource differentiates itself from other Litigation Support providers by integrating its intelligence gathering with an advisory service. We help our clients not only by gathering evidence and providing expert testimony, but by working closely with law firms to formulate a legal strategy that draws on our industry expertise and global reach.

The international experience of GlobalSource’s Litigation support team allows us to provide top tier advisory and localization services. We analyze local regulations, collect admissible evidence in difficult and remote locations, and provide expert advice to help our clients formulate a winning legal strategy in any jurisdiction.


Case examples

Global reach: While working for a client involved in major patent infringement arbitration, we located a key expert witness in Saudi Arabia who provided testimony that led directly to a multi-million dollar settlement in favor of our client.

Mining the depths: Meticulous research and investigation enable us to develop evidence and a legal strategy to successfully defend our client in the mining industry against a billion-dollar breach of contract suit.

Congressionally correct: Drawing upon official and intelligence sources and working closely with external counsel, we helped a client company to successfully defend itself against a Congressional investigation. We not only saved the client company’s reputation but enable them to retain and renegotiate their key government contract.