07 October 2017

WE, the directors, management and staff of GlobalSource deeply mourn the passing of our Advisory Board member, colleague and friend of many years Gen. Rashid Ali Malik. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Farzana, his family, both immediate and extended, and to his innumerable friends and colleagues.

Rashid was a man of great presence and intellect who never failed to command rapt attention whenever he stood to deliver one of his lectures or presentations. Despite his multiple commitments, he managed to spend exceptional time and energy in supporting our small company as a valued advisor. We will remember him with great affection, not least for his warm friendship and infectious sense of humor. Rest in peace, Dear Friend.

  • As a mark of respect, we will continue to leave his entry as Advisory Board member online until the end of this month.
  • This link is to photos of Rashid at a GlobalSource Advisory Board meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, 01 December 2014. https://goo.gl/Gcj4dj
  • In our library and free to download, we retain a recording of a lecture he delivered to our company entitled Afghanistan: The Great Game. https://goo.gl/nHYWkL


GlobalSource news itemOperations manager Kateryna Harding stands in nature's version of the blue-yellow flag of Ukraine.

GLOBALSOURCE Operations Manager Kateryna Harding has started a volunteer assignment in her native Ukraine, joining Reformers Without Borders, a program that helps the government to attract foreign investors by enhancing transparency and accountability in the business sector. Kateryna brings her considerable talents to this pro bono project and can leverage GlobalSource’s expertise and global connections to advise on best practices and anti-corruption measures. Kateryna continues in her company role while she also carried out the following tasks to assist her country:

  • Support local government in devising reform-minded investment projects.
  • Design legal compliance and anti-money-laundering procedures to ensure that investment projects cannot be diverted to money laundering.
  • Create Know Your Customer procedures that vet potential investors and determine the source of funds arriving in Ukraine.

THE company held its biennial advisory board meeting at the regional headquarters in central Nicosia, Cyprus, on December 15, 2015.

Advisory Board members at the regional meeting in Nicosia office.
Advisory Board members at the regional meeting in Nicosia office.

The meeting was attended by the directors and senior management, along with advisory-board members George Iacovou, former Cyprus foreign minister, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Rashid Malik, from Pakistan and Maj-Gen. (Ret.) Costas Achillides. The meeting reviewed the progress we made in the past year, which included work done in 36 countries in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The managers outlined development plans for the coming year. These include expanding current operations in the Mediterranean region, in Ukraine and in Russia and former Soviet states.

Staff and Advisory Board members relax at the renowned Zanettos Taverna in old Nicosia.
Staff and Advisory Board members relax at the renowned Zanettos Taverna in old Nicosia.

GlobalSource Media Services Editor Gary Lakes speaking at the 2015 Athens Energy Forum in March.

GlobalSource Media Services Manager Gary Lakes speaking at the 2015 Athens Energy Forum.

MEDIA services manager Gary Lakes was a prominent delegate at the 2015 Athens Energy Forum 2015 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in the Greek capital on March 11-12. The International News York Times (INYT) event theme was Energy Security and Cooperation in the East Mediterranean. Gary moderated a panel on the oil and gas sector of the region and briefed delegates on the status of upstream projects in Cyprus and Israel. He outlined recent developments on proposed gas projects to connect Cypriot and Israeli gas fields with infrastructure in Egypt. Other speakers included experts from Greece, Lebanon and Iran. In a letter to Gary after the event, the INYT conference organizer said the conference had been "a great success, thanks to the quality, expertise and insight of speakers like you."

Conference break: The 'forum' has been part of Athens for a long time. [GlobalSource photo]


Hagia Sophia, the centerpiece of the great sights in historic Istanbul. Photo: GlobalSource.

THE company held its annual staff retreat at the luxurious Ritz Carlton hotel in Istanbul, Turkey from September 18-20, 2015. As is traditional in GlobalSource, meetings to discuss work were kept to a minimum and the emphasis was on giving staff members the maximum free time to enjoy the historic sights along the Bosphorus as well as the restaurants, markets, and shops of this amazing city. Employees were unanimous that it was the best and most exotic annual retreat the company has organized.

GlobalSource staff learn the mysteries behind the beautiful traditional carpets Turkey produces. Photo: GlobalSource.